Solide Adventures - Sensational !


"Sensational !"as you can imagine, as these variables on sea trout for the first time 3 years ago went to the assembly line. Almost inconceivable to the Europeans who regard sea trout from 7-8 pounds as Satisfactory. But ... true giants of 21, 23 or even 25 pounds ... It's worth making the longest journey to hunt down a "Sea Running Browntrout" from success to crowning! ... Let yourself be taken in addition to the excellent atmosphere of the fantastic crew to dream fish.

The Lodge

We renovated an old house on the ranch and set up and provided with the traditional "campo" style antiques. The living room is comfortable and clean. There are 5 double rooms and 2 single rooms and a new facility with indoor grill. In addition to the redevelopment, all of which have new heaters and water, and the electric and gas systems have been modernized. There is a wine cellar with a fantastic selection of the Mendoza and San Juan - region. There are also Cerveza Isenbeck, an excellent local beer. Outside there is a huge veranda, a spacious courtyard that is protected from the wind, and a large, solid stone grill and a patio for grilling. Wine and beer are available at the lodge well sorted, we have a large selection of local wines, which are difficult to obtain elsewhere. Guests can purchase these wines for sale. Smoking is not permitted in the lodge.

The River


The Rio Gallegos River is approximately 300 kilometers long and has its origin in the southern Andes, with two very beautiful and pristine rivers, the Penitente and Ruebens - they wind their way through the wild landscape of Patagonia. In addition, the Beats come with unique Las Buitreras 40 km upstream of the mouth lying beautiful river scenery. There is teeming with birds, besides a large number of rheas, silver foxes, horses, rabbits, flamingos and guanacos!

The full challenge

It is a special challenge on Rio Gallegos with all his might such a missile-like escape a Specimen Argentine sea trout (searunning-trout) to parry into the raging current, the angler must be prepared for acrobatic ... the specimens from Patagonia reach 25 pounds or more! Pain in your arms, there will be, maybe, but you will be rewarded with such fish.


The Loop Las Buitreras Lodge is the starting point for 40km fishy whitewater river in both directions, with over 50 named pools for fish, so you have plenty of choice!


The river is a varied and exciting! deep gravel-rich holes alternate with many shallow, fast flowing gravel-rich, but accessible areas. Schnellsinkende cords are therefore essential. They therefore have a lot of variety with a lot of visual inspiration of the wonderful Patagonian mountainous landscape with all its variations.

These impressions it makes the whole blood fly fishing so appealing to muster all his skills in this section of the world!

Durchnittliche salmon anglers but get your limits shown. Armed with the proper knowledge of our experienced team, you can still meet the Adventure Patagonia properly.