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Fishing in Argentinia

In Argentina Salmonidenfischerei is very good, no matter if Golden Dorado, sea trout, salmon and other species of trout - you will be amazed!


In addition, there are several different types of catfish and even teeth staring species  (Tararira, Bagre catfish, Surubi ...). Angle your skills are far more than merely supplement


The sea is not far and the major tributaries flow into the Atlantic, where you can mullet, sometimes marine bagrewels, anchovy, sole and other species caught.


The land is scenic Sexy and Varied, so that the proximity switches to an image with jungle, desert and also with our domestic European standard. The salmon arrive in the highlands in several thousand feet, as well as in the lowlands.


Argentina has many rivers and tributaries, some were dammed some natural condition, so that is offered angle driven much.


Many guides are happy to help you achieve your dream fish!


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