Norway Flag


Fjords - Islands - Forest - Mountain - Sightseeing - Northern Lights

It has long been known that Norway is a real highlight in terms of sea fishing. Innumerable and large catches year after year.

Numerous islands and fjords, areas which are still little explored, can be such beautiful corners usually explored by boat.

Areas such as "71 degrees north" can already imagine the auroras in the summer, combined with a nice halibut fishing is the spectacle hard to beat.

New Ways fishing are more recently explored by kayak, but it offers a new and exciting appeal of modern angling for saithe (Kohler) and other marine life.

The silence on the open sea on a clear day let the mountains left or right as powerful protectors of each fjord recognize. The viewing angle reversed at a high mountain each page appears in a fjord as if time has stood still.

Inland, the scenery enchants with your forests and your Fjell (high landscape). Smaller lakes to a smaller fishing trip on a trout. But the pike, perch and other native freshwater species can outsmart with appropriate knowledge, as in Central Europe.

Reindeer are everywhere and are among Scandinavian landscape as all the plants that occur so numerous in the summer. Do not let it escape with your capital Oslo Norway to visit the many jewels Lodge and familiere be together pervades the entire country and is more prevalent in there.