Fishing in North and Central America

This offer is in addition to the United States and Canada as well as Mexico and the Caribbean to the fantastic fishing.


The diversity ranges from the salmon species, Heilbuts, trout, sea bass, tuna, grouper, grouper, Bonefish, jacks, marlin, swordfish, tuna ... to name a few times here.


It also Aligator Gar, American pike and walleye and lake trout American (Namaycush) are very significant.


The Snapper off Cuba in Central America are also seeking to force his same fight, just like the Roosterfisch in Mexico, the Caribbean tarpon in shallow water, and the white sturgeon in Canada.


The black bass are traditionally called, has the enthusiasm of Americans own the opposite is unbroken, but also those of the Mexicans that this fish can still have very substantial quantities in your lakes.


The many species and abundance of fish requires a lot of balance with nature-conscious people and to handle to "Catch and Release".


Impressions to North america