Ozeanien - dreamlike area and adventure

Here, there are an extensive area of the Pacific Ocean, with its colorful island chain, which is located south of Asia and connects the Indian Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.


This comprehensive continent has about 7500 islands, inhabited around 2100 islands, so that the concept of peace and quiet can be redefined, since about 70 million square kilometers are occupied space.


Fishing in such climates is always a new challenge, which others can and the sea, the water surface and the lack of land in proximity relationship is when the adventure begins.


The low population density, provides an added incentive to an athletic challenge while fishing and the special feeling to be alone, to enjoy nature and to seek the challenges that the forces of nature have ready for you.


Giant trevally, snapper, tuna, mackerel, barracuda, marlin, swordfish and Co. waiting for your challenge, our guides are ready for you!


Barramundi, queen fish and Co. in Australia and the trout paradise in New Zealand should have experienced.

Source: www.flickr.com