An interview with Sport Fishing Lanzarote

1. Which special services are you offering?

We begin the day with specific rods for catching tuna, wahoo, and Dorado, Trolling, whilst the boat is moving. Later we anchor and provide rods, bait and all that’s needed for Bottom Fishing; examples of what can be caught are barracuda, rays, red porgy, small sharks, bream and many more. Then back to trolling.

We spend 2 and a half to 3 hours for each type of fishing, if there are many interesting catches the captain may vary these times.

We also have Big Game Fishing With departures with exclusive groups (max 8 fisherman) fishing for the bigger species like marlin, tuna, wahoo, Dorado and shark (depending on the season). Our boats are fully equipped with radar, sonar, fighting chair and fishing equipment of the best brands. The crew have a vast experience in these waters and will help both beginners and experienced fishermen alike. Marlin fishing is operated on a tag and release basis.

MISSION: Fishing for everyone!!

2. Which kind of fish are you going for?

Depending on what mode of fishing you are doing. For Bottom and trolling barracuda, rays, red porgy, small sharks, bream, wrass, snapper sierra, lemon fish and bonito, With the Big Game fishing, Marlin Tuna Dorado Shark to name a few.

3. What is the special charm of the area you are fishing in? 

The privileged location of the islands, tropical climate and ocean currents make the Canaries a paradise of marine biodiversity which are abundant with European and African species throughout the year. In addition to the species from these latitudes, Canary Islands are also a passageway for many migratory fish such as marlin and tuna.We can certainly consider Lanzarote as one of the best Canary Islands for fishing by the topography of the seabed and because it is not needed to go far from the coast to find great depths. Did you know that less than a mile from Puerto Calero there is a depth of 400m and west of the island there are depths up to 3700m?

4. Any other Informations?

The "Katfish" is capable of cruising at 14 knots and with a length of 16,50 meters and a breadth of 5,34 meters the Katfish will make sure that the fishers are able to fish comfortably and with a lot of space. Totally equipped with some of the best rods and reels (Penn Senator & Shimano), with radar, sonar and with professional fishermen with many years of experience, a good catch is almost guaranteed. With the boats stability and amplitude it is also recommended for groups of friends, families and less experienced people.

Also note that in addition to the shared fishing trips or private charters for fishing, The "Katfish" can be rented for sailings according to the customer preferences.


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