Canada Flag


Untouched nature - flowing rivers, lakes, wild animal world

In Canada, we are very aware of the environment very, either. On certain withdrawal limits for salmon or fishing with barbless hooks

The local fishing guides know about such things and help a modest exactly these things well to masters.

Nowhere in the world there is such a maximum of nature and biodiversity, while the quantities observed in the salmon-rises, such as in British Columbia.

And it is not the salmon, it's the white sturgeon, which is about 3-4m long and the angler everything demanded.

The halibut in saltwater assumes gigantic proportions.

In the great lakes, you meet the Canadian lake trout (Namaycush), which is heavily over 30kg - and very old ... - Why the large specimens can be reset without exception. Without guide you is a chance for mile after mile of towing a boat on the lake in an attempt to get such a fish at all on the hook.

Wild camping in Canada as in the United States a not completely harmless thing as grizzly bears and other animals has your district right where hunger is greatest.

Please follow the instructions of the tourist board, the guides and the authorities! Experience has shown that no rescue in a country where Europe fits and is very sparsely populated are easy to overcome. Nature is beautiful, but too rough, stay within sight - because that's clever.