An interview with Gašper Konkolic - Guide in Slovenia

1. Which special services are you offering?

I do offer special guiding of flyfishing in Slovenia.Season for flyfishing starts 1st of March and last until 30th of October. Also I do offer spinning for danube salmon. Season for danube salmon starts 1st of October and last till 14th of February.

2. Which kind of fish are you going for?

In Slovenia we offer you very best flyfishing for nativ trouts and graylings. We are most proud of our endemic trout- Marble trout (Salmo trutta marmoratus), wich is the biggest trout in the world. It can reach 130cm in lenght and 25 kilo in weight. In the winter time we spinn for danube salmon (hucho hucho), which is closest relative to the mongolian taimen.

3. What is the special charm of the area you are fishing in?

Fly fishing in Slovenia is a true privilege. Because of the geographical diversity, we can offer you fly fishing in an intact nature full with rivers and creeks, just perfect for a flyfisherman. Most of the rivers are mostly typical alpine style, with a lot of rapids, deep pools, rocks etc. Only intact nature, clean and crystal clear waters and nativ fish is the foundation for a wonderful and challeging  flyfishing experience.