1.Air pressure diagram and Search Worldwide

Worldwide weather data chart:

for "city", "country", "region", etc. search, best first "country", because you more then likely see what is symbolized on the map and easily compare the "Map Legend".

Down at the map of the colored bars is a time slider, to make comparisons.



2.Links to the air pressure in the weather


Weather data generally (Worldwide, etc.), here, among others Air pressure, etc.

(Search under "World weather" for example -> "world forecasts" ... then after the search "Region" and possibly also limit after which the corresponding city)




http://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather/map/pressure/world (worldwide)







3.Barometric Pressure (Chart for Germany)

"Create chart" choose a "pressure", "weather station" (site), "Start Date" and "End Date"