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Fishing in Germany

Here we give you a short overview about "fascination fishing" in germany
A lot of people could discover this country for themselves on other occurences
rivers like the rhein , the donau, elbe and Neckar are housing unexpectedly bigger fishes like carp and .... But one does have to have knowledge on the area to get the bigger ones.

In the last years there was a lot of work has been done in the restoration of the natural surroundings of the fish-types. This mostly belongs to the
salmon and the "Meerforelle" and in the northern part of the country.

Real successes were beeing made in "Mecklenburg Vorpommern" (north - east). Part of this area , the "Mecklenburgische Seenplatte" invites you with great nature
to sightseeing and fishing. If you want fishing here, please get a valid licence for the area you want to fish in

Along the river rhein you also find guides who help you fishing in this waters.

The German fishing scene which puts on the scales !

For example, catches taken in German waters have already been caught :

  • - theworldsizecarpover40kg
  • - PikeGuardmasseswith130cm+ ...
  • - Catfishover 80 kg(acopyofthe Weserwith2.60mand100kgvorzuweisensaid, and more areavailablein the Rhine...)
  • - Zandermeterlength
  • - Perchwithabout2.5 kg andmore.
  • - Thewhitefishstock isexcellentverywell in many areas !
  • - Salmon and sea trouthavesignificantnumberseach yearandrecordsizes!
  • - Troutandsturgeonin this countrybymanytroutlakescomplement thevery good overall image.

fish hit parade

here is a Source whitch is possible every year.