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The land of unlimited possibilities

As before, the United States is a pioneer in many things of our Western culture - and so is fishing.

Many things that arrive in Europe have long been standard on the ground, just take, for example, sometimes the lure wave with perch fishing, the modern clothes or the special fishing boats that we already have.

The Americans have a special relationship to fishing and see the whole as a challenge especially in highly endowed fishing competitions, such as. at the bass masters.

On the other side of the American world, in the East, there is a vast area, it is the East Coast with all its privileges, with forests, mountains, lakes, raging rivers and a wild wildlife!

Welcome to Alaska, California, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington! It's a huge area and you literally do not know where to start ...

With the help of our gradually updated guide database, etc., we are trying to find ways to make a decision gradually.  With the travel destination Usa stands and falls the decision to rent a car or better a motorhome, you want to act on your own.

The east coast offers a wide variety of trout species, including salmon, which can be seasonally seasoned.  The white sturgeon is an attraction in the northeast of the country.

On the east coast in salt water there are certainly also species-dependent fish in addition to the tuna species, as in Norway, such as. the halibut or a special ling-style.  In the western part of the United States, one mainly encounters the striped bass in salt water. Crab fishing is also a fine attraction. In freshwater, the smallmouth bass fishing is a major attraction.

In the south we have the Gulf of Mexico with its fantastic flats, marshes and a very good saltwater fishing, for example to the grouper, various other perch species (snapper), smaller tuna bonefish, amberjack (amber mackerel), triggerfish, cobra, sailfish ...