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The vivencial fishing on Galapagos island

To the Galapagos Islands to successful fishing, it is necessary to know that special laws by the local National Park and the government regulate something.

Fishing is not just fishing.

The "Fishing Vivenciale" regulates the right as professional fishermen take visitors there for fishing.

This is done because external anglers and commercial fishermen have tried to harm the very popular area due to overfishing and overexploitation.

In terms of inventory control certain types and quantities of fish are taken - and that makes it locally, licensed, rigorously tested and practiced by local commercial fishermen, because that's the basis of life is being addressed under a very conscious.


the fish remain for now and will in the future for the generations to come.


Under which (with a local professional fishermen / fishing guide) is a very good fishing available!


Galapagos Islands - Wealth of Nature