Southamerica means trouts, arapaima, catfish, salmon and co ...


Who would have expected, the South Americans have only football, samba and beef breed in mind, which was to have visited these places. We know our native trout, but what do you do in the winter in the northern hemisphere when the addiction grabs you?


Would not it be fantastic to have in the mild climate of Chile evening with a glass of red wine to let the day's events and recreated the magnificent trout and salmon? The trout and salmon and gold Dorados Argentina have already repeatedly challenged and go to bed tired one can - but it was a whim - so you can also learn and love the southern hemisphere as it should be!


Imagine ... reserve the spektakuleren fighting a Arapaimas, or by a Peacok bass, both colorful fish or many domestic catfish species in the Amazon, you would expect.


First and 2nd winner is guaranteed - the only question is for whom ... you decide!


The guided fishing tours to help you find the right person.


Southamerica and the Galapagos-islands (Ecuador)

The Galapos Islands are world renowned for their unique wildlife.

The flora and the dive sites offer much. Most animals have no fear of humans.

Although many areas are protected, but also proven guides for guided fishing trips show you the right way for an extremely good fishing trip!


Visit the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador!


Galapagos therefore means:Cruising, fishing, excursions to the countryside, day trips to uninhabited islands, snorkeling, surfing, diving, kayaking ... Thus, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera and memory cards take.

Impressions to Southamerica