Africa - cradle of humanity

Africa - "mentor" of the angler

"No one knows exactly, but someone was there""Nobody says anything, nobody knows so well what""Africa the angle generic Unknown"


Something like it was even a few years ago, but what's going on matrimonial? The roads seem unausgetreten here, especially if you a trip to the Goliath tiger fish inland plans.

"Authorities war" is usually bypassed with currency - and that more than once.


God gives thanks to some tour operators who know the cliffs, in our Guide database is the word "Africa" from good results.


But once one has overcome all obstacles and has East Africa in sight, left the airport behind him, and the hour-long drive through the jungle - "Congo What more ...", then there is more effort the fish life - this is Africa!

... see video below, left.


On the other side of Africa, it's hot here! Dogtooth tuna, marlin, sailfish ... provide anglers and even device. A video below, right describes the stunning deep-sea fishing in West Africa!

Kongo & Tanzania - 2 videos

"triumph and defeat - one time angler - on time the fish..."

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