An interview with Jörn Wittenberg -

1. Which special services are you offering?

My motto is: experiences that stick! And I take this literally within two aspects. First, I want to show my clients nice impressions of the great island of Fehmarn and its beautiful natural beaches and second of course I'm happy about every fish, my guests can catch. Especially when teenagers or older people who started late with the fishing, do have their first sea trout in their hands with my help. That is a great feeling for me.

I offer the Guiding part time basis, because I do have a regular job. Just from the guiding I could not live my life. Even though I do have repeating visitors, this is a business which only can serve as a component within an overall plan.
Paying a 140 Euro for a day’s fishing can be said to be much. But if you break that down into the hours, it looks different – it then is not so much.
Beside of that I am taking care of all equipment and I do have also the clothing in stock.
Most of all – I do have fun with it – and that is what counts most for me. 

2. Which kind of fish are you going for?

We fish for sea trout and cod. Especially in may and june we get garfish onto our baits. For many guests, this fish is less popular, but the drill is great fun and taste of the fish is delicious. But target fish number one is of course a strong sea trout, they are the reason some guests come to me to the coast and take sometimes a 1000 km trip up here! 

3. What is the special charm of the area you are fishing in? 

Best theories and explanations do nothing if not also the guest can learn from the guide. And also – guiding is a group experience.

4. Any other Informations?

If you move with lesser expectations into a thing and then get surprised, your joy is much greater.

I do all I can to get the best places and the having the best strategy for my paying guests.
But there are days no fish is biting. But the guests which have started the day with nature, the learned throwing technique and many other little things on the water are not going home in a bad mood. On the contrary, they are the ones who come back – even more motivated then the first time. In april 2010 my guests altogether caught 10 sea trouts. This demonstrates the potential Fehmarn Island still does have.